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We offer a diverse assortment of Valves & Piping Accessories for a variety of industrial applications. Manual or actuated piston valves, ensuring precise control and tight shut-off, complete line of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators, Single or double basket strainers and automatic self-cleaning strainers for the treatment of raw water and other fluids etc are included in the product line.

Product List

Single and Two Stage Pumps a Multi stage pumps

Reciprocating Pumps

Specialist Pumps


QUALITY PIPE SUPPORTS are specialists in the design and manufacture of pipe support systems and fabricated steelwork with total quality being foremost in the Company policy . Mindful of good management, and using efficient production techniques, QUALITY PIPE SUPPORTS can supply the Petro-chemical, Offshore, Nuclear and Water Industry with a quality product at the right price. The company, with senior personnel having over 50 years experience in pipe suspension equipment, offer a wide range of products and services.

Product List

Constant Spring Supports

Variable Spring Supports


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ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. Power Products are the key components to transmit and distribute electricity. The division incorporates ABB’s manufacturing network for transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, cables and associated equipment. It also offers all the services needed ensure products’ performance and extend their lifespan.

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Frequency Converters a PLC


Solar Invertors


We cater to almost all of the valves that are consumed in various market segments. Our range of valves are approved by API (American Petroleum Institute) and our principal FEVISA, SPAIN is a leading valve manufacturing company in Europe. They specialized in the oil sector, gas sector, power generation, chemical industry, mining and have supplied ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly and plug valves both to national and international customers.

Product List

Ball Valves

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Check Valves

Butterfly Valves

Plug valves


BIFOLD UK, Leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic stainless steel, directional control valves and accessories for hazardous, corrosive and subsea environments. Experts in both electro hydraulic and pneumatic products. Known for innovative design and strict attention to safety, performance, reliability, Quality and lowest cost solutions.

Certification and approvals for our extensive range of pneumatic and hydraulic solenoid valves include ATEX, IECEx, CSA(US), INMETRO, GOST R, GOST K, and NEPSI together with third party SIL 3 functional safety certification.

Product List

Manifold systems

Quick Exhaust Valves

Check Valves & Needle Valves a Solenoid Valves

SEIKO Flowcontrol

SEIKO Flowcontrol has considerable know-how in the design and manufacturing of differential pressure (DP) flow elements and is the prefered supplier for Flow Elements in many industries. SEIKO offers a complete range of DP Flow Elements including orifice plates, orifice flanges and meter run assemblies, compact orifice flow meters, restriction orifices, flow nozzles including the throat-tap nozzle, venturi tubes and averaging pitot tubes. Beside the flow elements, SEIKO also delivers thermowells and special pipe fittings.

The design of flow elements can be done according to all major standards including latest editions of DIN EN ISO 5167, ASME MFC-3M und PTC 19.5, API and AGA standards etc. and can be supplied with a certificate of conformity acc. To EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Product List

Orifice Plate

Oriface Flange

Oriface Assembly

Restriction Office


Pitot Tube


Founded in 1951, AST S.P.A. is one of the first Italian manufactures of spring load safety relief valves and ever since the establishment, the company has focussed on engineering products in a variety of standards and exotic materials.


Safety Relief Valves

Change-Over Valves

Control Valves

Vacuum Relief Valves

Lame S.r.l.

LAME founded in 1961 has been manufacturing forged steel high pressure fittings according to ASME B16.11 , BS 3799 and outlets to ASME B31.1 . The fittings are made in carbon, alloy and stainless steel , and are used in the industry of Gas , Petroleum and Nuclear fields . LAME have the most modern equipments as CNC lathes (single and dual spindles) and special multihead machines for high production. Large inventory of controlled raw and finished forged steel fittings is a guarantee of prime service to all its customers.The company also have internal and external laboratory for mechanical , chemical analysis , P.M.I. test, charpy test and further.

Butt Weld,Forged Fittings & Flanges

Threaded,Forged Fittings & Flanges.

Socket Weld, Forge Fittings & Flanges


Established in 1954 by Tor Gyllensten, Torgy started its’ journey by producing and selling forged parts from a private garage in Tonsberg Norway. Today, Torgy is providing a portfolio of products and services including design, manufacture and supply of LNG fuel systems, pressure vessels and thermal insulated cryogenic supports to the worlds LNG and Oil & Gas Industry. The Torgy Group is an ISO 9001 accredited Company with a Global presence and key strategic operating locations to serve the Worlds LNG and Oil & Gas Processing Industries.

Quam Valvole

QUAM is a skilled and flexible independent company specialized in design and manufacturing of Valves & Control Systems for the Oil & Gas industry. QUAM success, based on its know how, flexibility and its passion for the challenges, rapidly grown up thanks to its commitment to quality and desire to achieve customer satisfaction on all aspects.

QUAM certifications (ISO 9001, PED & ATEX) support its quality products and its reliable complete service applied to Choke & Gate Valves, Liquid Discharge Valves, Linear Actuators and Control Systems to be supplied for high quality applications in top qualified markets.

QUAM are able to design and manufacture special products according to specific Customer's requirements to meet the needs of the most critical process services.


Advanced Actuators Ltd is a well established & leading supplier of actuators, control solutions and hydraulic components.

Over 40 years experience in actuators

Provide highly efficient & reliable solutions to meet the requirements.

Wide range of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators complete with full specialst system solutions.

Hydraulic products are designed to international standards including ATEX, CE, CSA, PED and CCOE






Thrusts : 50Kg to 130,000 Kg

Torques : 30Nm to 1.2 Million Nm



Ball Valves For all applications

Needle valves for all applications

Manifold anad gauge valves

Distributions manifolds

Check valves & accessories

Gate valves Froged Steel

Globe valves Froged Steel

Check valves Froged Steel

Cast steel products

Alloy Valves & Specials


BAC VALVES, founded in 1958 designs manufacturers and sells high-quality ball buttery valves to the chemical,petrochemical, gas & processing industries. With 45 years in the valve industry behind us, we are one of the most experianced companies in the business. The commitment of the whole rm, our ecient operating systems, our programme of continuous sta training, and our investment in research,production and quality control:these aare the factors thatvmakev"BAC" valves amongst the most reliable in today's market,with one of the best >> Life Cycle Cost>> ratios around

BAC VALVES has been awarded certicates by prestigious independent inspection organizations in connection with the following inernational standards: ISO 9001 Quality Control ( since 1991) The API 6D Monogram,including API Q1; PED: fullling European Directives for pressurized machinery, as veried by BUREU VERITAS.

what is more, wehave received certicates, type approvals for with nature of their design or their function: Fire- Safe BS 6755 (PART2);api 607.Cyogenic and lowtemperature applications: GNL, glp; fugitive emissions: <>, Clean Air>>,etc.


KSB is a leading international supplier of pumps, valves and related systems. Under the MIL brand, KSB sells high-pressure control valves for use in industry and the energy sector. MIL produces the Matrix series of extreme pressure, multistage, multi-path, axial flow control valves which has been designed to kill upto 420 bar pressure in 40 stages. This ingenious and unique design has a progressively declining resistance flow path and is designed to eliminate cavitation and limit velocity in severe conditions



WIKA is a leading manufacturer and has extensive product line for pressure & temperature measurement solutions

Various sensors for different applications - Mechanical & Electronic

Pressure gauge with design to extend service life to > 2 mill ion cycles.

Products for Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical , Water, Marine, HVAC..


Pressure Gauge

Pressure Transmitter

Temperature Gauge

Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Controllers


Diaphragm seals

Field Display Unit for current loops with HART® communication

Digital Indicator for panel mounting

PID Controller for panel mounting


Delmon mechanical Insulation Factory manufactures various types of Industrial gaskets and handling project supply of other pipeline accessoriesn

Product range

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Ring Joint Gaskets

Heat Exchanger and metal jacketed Gaskets

Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Rubber Gaskets

Teflon Gaskets

Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Flange Insulation Kits



Hydraulics & Pneumatics Fittings

? Metal Flanges & Fittings


The standard Grayloc® assembly has two hubs arranged for butt welding to pipe. However, a complete line of other piping components is available, including socket weld and threaded hubs. Heavy-duty connectors for oilfield and other applications are also available.

A complete line of fittings is available in the Grayloc design for all nominal pipe sizes and service conditions.

Products in

Adapters (Crossovers)

Ball Joints

Clamp Connectors

Compact Flanges

Crosses, Elbows, Spools & Tees

Extreme Pressure Connectors

Insulated Connectors

Manways& Vessel Closures (Standard & Hinged)

Metal-to-Metal Seals

Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valves

Jacketed Connectors

Instrumentation including Orifice Connectors &Thermowells

Piping & Vessel Nozzles

ASME Code Pressure Vessels



Shutdown/On-Off actuated valves in all sizes for different applications

Pneumatic / hydraulic / electric actuators

SIL-3 certified actuators for critical applications

Self contained hydraulic actuators or gas-over-oil actuators,


Emergency showers and eye washes are vital in the processing industry, chemical and food industry as well as refineries.Corrosive acids, dangerous liquids and materials can cause serious injuries. If an accident occurs, flushing must start immediately after the victim has been exposed to dangerous liquid or material. Delayed “first aid” treatment can result in severe injuries.

Flowserve Naval

Naval steel ball valves are suitable for district heating (CHP) installations, heat transfer piping, oil lines and oxygen-free water lines. The valve has an all-welded body and is fitted with carbon-reinforced teflon seals which are long lasting against frequent operation, impurities and chemicals. A floating ball construction is used. Bevel spring washers keep the seals pressed against the ball to ensure that the valve remains leak- tight regardless of pressure fluctuations.


Delta (Doha) Corporation is the only indigenous company designing and manufacturing Valves and Wellhead Equipment in the gulf region and as such offers unique services to the oil companies in Qatar, the Gulf and the Middle East

Specialties – Engineering, design and manufacturing company of Wellhead Equipment & Valves

FCX Systems

FCX Systems Inc. USA is a leading global player in the field of Solid State Frequency Converters and the related products and solutions. FCX Systems’ name has been synonymous with quality and satisfaction in its field. FCX has served the military, commercial and industrial markets. The units are installed in all the continents and in 75 individual countries.

Product List

Static frequency converters (50, 60 and 400 Hz)

400 Hz Point of Use

28 and 270 V DC Power Supplies

Diesel Ground Power Units

Line Drop Compensator


KSB is a leading international supplier of pumps, valves and related systems. Under the MIL brand, KSB sells high-pressure control valves for use in industry and the energy sector. MIL produces the Matrix series of extreme pressure, multistage, multi-path, axial flow control valves which has been designed to kill upto 420 bar pressure in 40 stages. This ingenious and unique design has a progressively declining resistance flow path and is designed to eliminate cavitation and limit velocity in severe conditions